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Enrollment Kiosk

enrollment kiosk_IMG_6864_DORADA

Camera, screen, signature and fingerprint reader

enrollment kiosk_IMG_9405


enrollment kiosk_IMG_9392

Fingerprint Reader


VLATACOM Biometric Enrollment Kiosk

The Vlatacom Enrollment Kiosk is a data enrollment station that collects all information necessary for the production of identity documents such as passports, ID cards, and driver licenses.

The Enrollment Kiosk is a front-end solution that includes all the necessary hardware and software components to enroll ID document applicants and to capture their fingerprints, facial images, and signatures. The system is designed to be a user-friendly self-enrollment kiosk equipped with a touch screen. It can be wall-mounted, floor-fixed or free-standing.


Verification Kiosk


Fingerprint scanner


Passport Scanner


VLATACOM Verification Kiosk

The Vlatacom Verification Kiosk is a stationary self-service kiosk featuring customizable biometric functionalities.

The Verification Kiosk biometrically verifies the identity of an ID document holder. This means that the holder’s facial and fingerprint images are captured and compared to those stored or printed on the ID document. The capture of the holder’s biometrics is automated, as is the comparison with the ones retrieved from the document’s contact/contactless chip or 2D barcode.


Portable Biometric Workstation


Fingerprint scanning

vPBW-Connected to PC

Connected to a PC


vPBW Packaged


VLATACOM Portable Biometric Workstation

The Vlatacom Portable Biometric Workstation is an efficient solution for the acquisition of biometric and demographic data in the process of applications for personal and travel identification documents such as personal ID cards, driver’s licenses, medical cards, passports, visas, etc.

The Portable Biometric Workstation consists of a document reader, fingerprint scanner, signature scanner, digital camera for taking facial images, a portable PC, and software which controls all these devices and performs the acquisition of demographic data, fingerprints, facial images, and signatures




VLATACOM Rural Biometric Unit

The Vlatacom Rural Biometric Unit is an integral element of the Vlatacom smart card information system. This unit is a mobile, rugged biometric system designed for applicant registration (enrollment) and on-site document personalization and issuance in rural localities. The integrated communication module enables a connection to the system center for the purposes of applicant identity verification, registry updating, and checks against watch lists.

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