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VLATACOM Personal Crypto Platform for Voice Encryption


Vlatacom vPCP-V - Personal Crypto Platform for Voice encryption is a compact device designed for voice encryption in any VoiP, public, mobile, or land line voice communication system. The platform enables the installation of standardised or user defined encryption algorithm under user defined crypto keys and complete control over the encryption process. Prior to establishing secure channel both calling parties have to go through the three factor authentication process according to principles what the user has (i.e. a smart card), what the user knows (i.e. a PIN), and who the user is (i.e. fingerprint or voice recognition). Protected communication can be established over any voice communication channel that provides sufficient call quality. The system does not require any additional components such as VoiP servers or dedicated packet or circuit-switched data channels. The device is strictly personalized with strong user authentication which minimizes possibilities of misuse.


VLATACOM Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration


Vlatacom Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration - vPCP-FC is designed for secure file exchange via insecure channels like public Internet connection. vPCP-FC's primary function is file encryption in dedicated hardware by predefined, high quality, encryption keys. Besides file encryption, vPCP-FC also performs steganography operations which additionally hides encrypted content inside common file formats like pdf, avi or png. vPCP-FC is connected to the client device: lap top, tablet or mobile phone by USB cable or WiFi connection. vPCP-FC acts as a secure WiFi gateway to the internet connection dedicated for file exchange via cloud storage services or e-mail. Strong multi-factor user authentication prevents device misuse.


VLATACOM True Random Number Generator

Vlatacom True Random Number Generator (vTRNG) is natural process based long binary random sequence generator. Thus, each produced sequence is unique. In order to prevent device misuse, prior to be stored into device’s tamper proof memory, the sequence would be encrypted.The sequence randomness is tested by bundle of statistical tests. If the sequence randomness is satisfied, it is digital signed by the device, so its origin and quality are guaranteed. The device is equipped by Ethernet interface and it communicates with its clients via IP based network. Special communication protocols enables easy establishing or redundant topologies of multiple vTRNG.


VLATACOM Key Distribution System

Vlatacom Key Distribution Device (vKDD) is a robust terminal with tamper-proof encrypted memory. Its primary function is the distribution of sensitive data, like cryptographic keys. The built-in security access module (SAM) enables device authentication. The smart card reader in combination with the fingerprint scanner and rugged keyboard are used for reliable user authentication. The device has a large variety of connections which allows use with cryptographic equipment that originate from various manufacturers. 


VLATACOM REliaBlE Communication ChAnnel

Vlatacom REBECCA is an encryption device for high-capacity digital transport systems (up to 2.5 Gbit/s) such as fiber-optic networks, digital radio relay devices, or lower capacity inverse multiplexing systems. A rich palette of interfaces enables the device to be easily integrated into new or existing transport systems.


VLATACOM Login & Access Device

Biometric Login Device_vLAD_Pic017(1).jp

vLAD-1 is a device that enables biometric access control to logical resources. The device is used in systems that require a high level of authentication process security. A system user is authenticated by matching the following three factors: 1) “something the user has” (i.e. a smart card), 2) “something the user knows” (i.e. the PIN), and 3) “something the user is” (i.e. a fingerprint). A smart card containing Match-on-Card technology performs the template and live fingerprint comparison, meaning that the template fingerprint is never exposed outside of the card and the live fingerprint is never exposed outside of the vLAD device.

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