VLATACOM Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Vlatacom’s system for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (vANPR) uses optical character recognition (OCR) for the purpose of reading alpha-numeric strings from the license plates of moving or stationary vehicles. Thanks to the use of an infrared illuminator, the system can recognize the license plates of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 180 km/h, in all weather conditions (where the plate is visible), day and night, and at a typical distance of 20m.


VLATACOM Mobile Automated Number Plate Recognition

License plate inspection is one of the fundamental tasks of a law enforcement patrol officer. Advanced technology is now in place to greatly assist officers with the license plate checking process. Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology automates a core law enforcement process that has traditionally been left to the interaction of law enforcement officers in the field and law enforcement dispatchers in a communications center. Officers no longer need to communicate a license plate numbers to dispatchers via law enforcement radios or to type them into their mobile data terminals to check the plate against various databases.


VLATACOM Multi-purpose IP Camera

vCAM is a Vlatacom product series of IP cameras for general use. The VIPC-3M1 model is a compact camera designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its primary function is to record scene images, convert them to video content or an image sequence, and then send them via the selected telecommunications networks and/or keep them in local memory (SD card).