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vDR-H2 unit


vDR-H2 Software


Passport scan


Id card read

VLATACOM Document Reader Handheld

VDR-H2 is a high security biometric travel and ID document verification device with integrated fingerprint reader for document holder verification. VDR-H2 is the only handheld peripheral device which performs full-page e-document reading/scanning and utilizes white, IR and UV illumination to do so. This unique peripheral device is built on Vlatacom’s proprietary innovative optical scanner technology. VDR-H2 simultaneously scans electronic document optically and reads data from contactless chip. It supports all relevant travel and ID document standards and recommendations, and provides SDK for proprietary software applications. VDR-H2 operates as a peripheral unit connected through the USB interface with mobile or stationary host computer (like tablet, laptop or desktop PC).


VLATACOM Stationary Document Reader

The VDR2-C-OEM-Extended document reader is a stationary device for automated, reliable, and secure scanning and single-step optical and chip reading of electronic travel and identification documents such as passports, visas, personal IDs, driver licenses, etc.

Accompanied by advanced software components, the device verifies number of optical and digital security features, reads machine-readable data printed on documents, and reads data stored on chips, hence enabling biometric identity verification.

Easily configurable and feature-rich, VDR2-C-OEM-Extended supports all relevant international and industry standards, thus making it ideal for integration in large-scale projects.

One of the most important features of this device is its easy implementation in any kind of system (kiosks, for example).

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