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VLATACOM Institute deals with the development of high tech systems and is fully aware of the importance to act responsibly in regards to the environment. It is dedicated to the continuing effort toward improving environmental protection by preventing, minimizing, and eliminating pollution and all other effects on the environment caused by the work conducted at the institute in the fields of:

  • research,

  • development,

  • engineering and production of IT products,

  • biometric and communication technologies,

  • traffic control and management,

and the associated services, including teaching.


In conjunction with Vlatacom's long-term business strategies, the system for controlling the environment is defined by the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and it implies:

  • Dedication to environmental protection

  • Conforming the work done at the institute to abide by the: laws, regulations, and principles for environmental protection. 

  • Preventing pollution of the environment, identifying all aspects of work which could have an effect on the environment and defining general and specific goals and programs for the efficient protection of the environment

  • Implementation, control and review of important aspects

  • All encompassing and integrated plan for waste management, reducing waste production, and responsible and safe waste removal

  • Educating employed to be: preventative, responsible, and active in regards to environmental protection.

  • Establishing efficient communication for all interested parties in furthering the responsibility for the need to comply with: regulations, laws, and principles of environmental protection

Belgrade, March 2023.

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