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VLATACOM Multi Sensor Imaging System

Unique monitoring and surveillance system
 - Various imaging sensors
  - Image fusion of digital uncompressed sensor outputs
  - Pre-processing anti-vibration / anti-rain filtering
  - All outdoor, extended temperature range
  - Integrated pan/tilt platform
  - Suitable for stationary and mobile installations
  - Remote control and monitoring






vMSIS 2 Software

Fused Image

Image Fusion


VLATACOM Multi Sensor Imaging System 2

Vlatacom' vMSIS 2 features various classes of image fusion:

Electro-optical/Infrared multi sensor fusion, High dynamic range (HDR) multi exposure fusion and customer tailored solutions. A preprocessing software for anti-vibration and anti-rain filtering is included as essential part of long range surveillance outdoor system.

The vMSIS system has pan/tilt platform and works in extended temperature range, so it is convenient in most stationary and mobile installations. Remote control and monitoring allow sensors and image fusion algorithm parameters' setting from control center. vMSIS is able to detect a person up to 5 km day/night and furthermore to refine analysis of the extracted object with aim to recognize and identify it.


VDR-1 Unit


Passport scanning


ID Card reading


vDR-H Unit


Fingerprint scan


Passport scan


ID card read


VLATACOM Stationary Document Reader 1

The VDR-1 device is carefully designed to fulfill the globally increasing need for automated, reliable, and secure reading and verification of travel and identification documents. It is an all-in-one solution for the verification of passports, visas, and identification documents such as personal IDs and driver licenses.

Accompanied by advanced software components, the device verifies a number of optical and digital security features, reads machine-readable data printed on a document, and reads data stored on a chip, hence enabling biometric identity verification.


VLATACOM Document Reader Handheld

Vlatacom’s ID verification portfolio includes a handheld station for inspecting machine-readable ID cards, e-passports, and visas, and for biometric verification of their holders. This device can be used as a standalone unit, or it can be linked by a wireless connection to the national border entry control system. With the help of this technology, verification of identity and travel documents can be quickly and reliably carried out on buses and trains. Identity checks can be performed by border control officers even before the passengers arrive at the checkpoint. These devices can also be used for to verify the identity of persons possessing machine readable IDs at traffic stops and routine checks.

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