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April 23, 2020

Finality of judgement of the High Court of Botswana in the case Vlatacom doo  vs.  Mmegi  newspaper & others

The Botswana Gazette and Mmegi published defamatory articles against Vlatacom. Both newspapers alleged that Vlatacom was involved with accepting P500 million to secure Botswana governments databases (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)) and that Vlatacom did not deliver any services but collected payment. These allegations were deemed to be fraudulent and a judgment in the court case between Vlatacom and the newspapers was ruled in Vlatacom’s favor on the 31st January, 2020. Below is the documentation from Vlatacom's representation in Botswana:


Finality of judgment


Furthermore, Mmegi has issued a retraction and apology to Vlatacom:

[…] “From our perspective Vlatacom and its Managing Director, Vladimir Cizelj, have consistently shown themselves to be both highly professional and above board in their dealings with this Government.” […]

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