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February 13, 2020

Mmegi apologizes for a misleading front page report on the 6th February 2015 which headlined P500 million "stolen" in which it is speculated that Government was "allegedly fleeced P500 million" for a PKI project that was not completed

"The same Mmegi report goes on to falsely allege that “Vlatacom was awarded a closed contract of over P 500 million in 2010 to supply the Botswana government with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems.”

The plain fact of the matter is that no contract for PKI systems has, heretofore, been awarded to Vlatacom or for that matter any other company. It is therefore also not true that P500 million, or indeed any other amount, has been paid toward such a contract.

Since no contract has been awarded it is in the simple logic of circumstance that PKI project has yet to be delivered.

In light of the above, it is unfortunate that the Mmegi newspaper has gone out of its way to tarnish the good name of a leading international company as well as public officers with its recklessly false allegations.

With respect to Vlatacom we find it disheartening that an innocent service provider of international repute should have its good name tarnished by such irresponsible mudslinging. From our perspective Vlatacom and its Managing Director, Vladimir Cizelj, have consistently shown themselves to be both highly professional and above board in their dealings with this Government.

In light of the above we trust that the Editor of Mmegi will find it fit to retract their false report."

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