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October 1, 2018

Cooperation between the University of Belgrade and Vlatacom with regards to PhD studies 

The council for studies of the University of Belgrade reached a decision that, on the initiative of Vlatacom Institute, for doctorate studies, a new field for Intelligent Systems will be introduced. Four new courses will be added: 

1. Deep Neural Networks - Instructor: Miloš Stanković

2. Cryptology - Instructor: Miodrag Živković

3. Intelligent Processing and Signal Recognition - Instructor: Srđan Stanković

4. Intelligent Control - Instructor: Srđan Stanković

It is anticipated that for the courses the following associates will contribute: Dragana Perić PhD, Miroslav Perić PhD, Miljan Vučetić PhD, and Zoran Banjac PhD, They all hold a Scientific Title from Vlatacom Institute. In this way, a foundation for doctorate studies is created that are directly linked to the research assignments which stem from the projects at the Institute. 

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